Shopping Became Faster with the Mikropis Self Shopping Solution

Mikropis Self Shopping, with a help of Joya device, is currently available in Slovenia. Self Shopping is smart shopping that provides the modern customer the ablity to check prices and scan price-codes of products.  Self Shopping increases the effeciency of the shopping process, therefore saving the customer time.

Mikropis Self Shopping Has Joined the MBS Retail Solutions

Our vision of tireless development has brought a new member into the Mikropis Retail product family. Self Shopping was initially implemented into a well-known, long-term local partner’s supermarkets. This pilot project was an important step towards the development of this product.

This simple, user-friendly procedure allows a customer to shop even faster and decreases the cashier workload. Upon entering the store, the Self Shopper will register with their loyality care and receive a Joya terminal. This gadget is then used for scanning the product price codes and items are placed into the shopping cart.  When a customer goes to checkout, the device will display a new code that is entered at the Self-Checkout cashier, completing the shopping process.

Mikropis Self Shopping, a new solution for modern shoppers, has been available in Slovenia since November 25, 2015. A renowned retail chain implemented the pilot project into one of their largest shops in Ljubljana.  This valued partner has been deeply satisfied with the result of this pilot project. During the pilot project, long-term customers made over 200 self purchases in the supermarket using the retail product. The months of planning, development and testing have paid out and it will only be a matter of time until the solution is available in all stores.