Mikropis Self-Checkout Cashiers Are Being Used in Shanghai, China

On Tuesday, March 2nd, Mikropis Self-Checkout cashiers were successfully installed in the Shanghai Centre Store. The IBM Self-Checkout cashier was adopted to the Chinese market and successfully implemented into the first shop of the retail chain, CityShop.

Mikropis Self-Checkout Project at the Chinese CityShop Was a Great Success

The Mikropis team has successfully implemented the first Self-Checkout cashiers in China. Similar cashiers have already been in use in Slovenia, however the team was able to tailor the software solution to the client’s wishes and delivered it to the end users.

After much planning and comprehensive development of the solution, fitting the Chinese market, the clients of Shanghai Center Store were able to purchase their goods at the Self-Checkout cashiers on March 2, 2016. This project represents the first customized IBM Self-Checkout cashiers implemented in China by Mikropis. Eliminating the need to stand in line to pay now enhances the shopping experience, for customers of CityShop.  Shoppers may now pay using the Self-Checkout cashiers, on their own.