Mikropis has successfully installed their first self-checkouts in the biggest retail company E-Mart in South Korea

Zalec, 5.3.2018- With 2018 year, Mikropis company has started installing self-checkouts in the biggest retail company E-Mart in Seul, South Korea. We have managed to launch 3 self-checkouts in the Hypermarkets within the first few months of 2018. They are being massively used by the South Koreans. IBM-Toshiba are a long term Mikropis partners who are collaborating with the project and enabling expansion in South Korea and other Asian countries.

The biggest South Korean retail company E-Mart has over 160 stores and generates over 12 Billion annual revenue. They are opening doors to a new way of shopping experience which is already well established in Slovenia via Mikropis. Self-checkouts were being modified in Mikropis for the needs of South Korean buyers and provided their shoppers with coupons, loyalty cards, cashless payments, and etcetera. They were localized in Korean language, with additional options in English and Chinese language.

Mikropis is cooperating with IBM-Toshiba as partners who has an entrance to South Korean market and entire Middle East region as a long-term strategic plan.

By entering South Korean market, Janez Uplaznik, Mikropis Owner said: »Mikropis main activities are providing solutions for retailers. For many years, we have been implementing our knowledge to provide the products on domestic market and to neighboring countries which are using them successfully. We have been approaching global market in the past few years –We have opened self-checkouts in China and also in South Korea recently. Long term trust of our big IBM-Toshiba partners opened the doors for us to reach one of the biggest retail companies. In Mikropis, we are dedicated to keep pushing and developing our presence on Asian market in the future«.

Mikropis was the first to implement self-checkouts (TIK-TAK at Mercator in 2007) for Slovenian retailers. Mikropis and their related companies are still developing innovative retail solutions in domestic and foreign market to use them in practice. One of their solutions is also Mikropis Self shopping in which shoppers are able to scan their items while shopping to receive the checklist and once they come to the self-checkout, the only thing they need to do is to pay the final amount. This solution is already in use in Slovenia as a first Self shopping.

About Mikropis Holding d.o.o

Mikropis Holding from Zalec, Slovenia is providing its IT solutions in retail, catering, logistics, banking, insurances, tourism, manufacturing, financing and human resources for over 30 years. Some of their most recognized products are self-checkouts, cashiers touch screens in retails, pubs, mobile payment services, marketing and loyalty mobile program services, web portals and applications. 24alife is also being developed together with Developing Center IKTS Zalec.

Mikropis is currently present on multiple International markets, such are USA, United Arab Emirates, India and China.