Fiscal Cash Register that Will Eliminate Your Tax-related Worries

Fiscalisation in EU and Slovenia is a great challenge for everyone that receives cash payments. Mikropis and related companies want to support our long-time cashier-solution subscribers by creating a new overall fiscal cash register solution that includes software and hardware components.

Software and Hardware Interactive User-friendly Solutions for Fiscal Cash Register

Due to fiscalisation in EU and Slovenia, we believe that we need to offer a simple, user-friendly fiscal cash register solution to our long-time customers. We have designed different overall solutions for all types of businesses that include software and hardware support.

Changing business practices, in order to meet fiscal demands, can be tiring and confusing for everyone, especially small business ownwrs or freelancers. With these customers in mind, we have designed a user-friendly interactive cashier. This cashier, also available as a mobile version, is complete with a pre-set article base, allows saving data of regular customers, archives bills according to the laws, supports accounting, and is also upgraded by a loyalty program.

For seasonal businesses, we make it possible to rent hardware or/and software solutions. Besides our overall solutions for many types of businesses, we will also be happy to prepare a completely personalized hardware-software solution, in accordance with your business needs and expectations.