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MBS develops cutting edge Information Technology solutions to make your business successful and profitable.

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Let us show you solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Mikropis Business Solutions Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage

Comprehensive solutions tailored to your business

We take pride in working with our clients to understand their business goals and then develop and implement the right solutions to address their needs.

Expert training to maximize the benefits of a MBS solution

We will boost your business’s productivity by providing effective professional end-user training for your employees.

Always there for you

Our tech-support team is ready to help with 24/7 availability to address any issues.

Maintenance service that won’t let you down

Our solutions include maintenance for your solution’s hardware and software components, including software updates and hardware upgrades.

Awards from the top IT vendors

MBS has been recognized by our strategic partners with numerous awards for our excellent solutions, service and support.

Mikropis Business Solutions Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage

Our expert IT team developed Mikropis Business Solutions (MBS) to deliver comprehensive innovative solutions that can differentiate your business from the competition. MBS implements the latest technologies and methodologies for key markets such as Retail, Hospitality, Human Resources, Finance, e-commerce and Health.

Self-checkout for retail stores

The solution we developed for City Shop, a boutique grocery retailer in China, delivered improved customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing an easy to use and valuable shopping experience. City Shop is just one example out of many successful clients that have implemented a MBS self-service solution. Another popular solution, Mikropis Adviser is an Anyplace Kiosk, suitable to show all types of products or content that you would like to offer to your customers.

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A full range of IT and retail business solutions

MBS Retail is a complete multi-function, multi-sector and multi-language solution for supply chain management in the retail and wholesale industry sectors. Achieve a world class solution by combining the advantages of MBS Central, MBS Shop and MBS POS solutions with top-quality brand hardware and software from our strategic IT vendor partners.

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Earn more, spend less

MBS can deliver your marketing communications and programs as never before. Research has shown that a relatively small investment in mobile marketing can raise your sales to another level. By using MBS features such as eSMS, eCard, ePos, ePay and eCoupon your clients will get all your offers on their smartphones.

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Optimize your hospitality business

The MBS Restaurant solution is a specialized implementation of the MBS Central, MBS Shop and MBS POS solutions for the hospitality industry. Its functions include ordering, stock and inventory management, purchasing, sales, goods-material flows and reports and analysis packaged for easy implementation and use.

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Manage your finances

MBS Finance is a financial management solution that provides a full range of finance and accounting functions such as turnover, general ledger, balance entries, VAT calculation and recording, cash and fixed asset management.

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Comprehensive Human Resources Management (HRM)

MBS HRM provides an overall management solution for the most valuable asset a business has: its employees. Key features provide career and performance management, employee development and training, salary, work time and attendance support.

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Let MBS work with you to make your business more successful

Contact us so we can start the journey to implement a customized solution tailored for your business needs and goals.

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Comprehensive business solutions built to address your business requirements

In addition to MBS standard offerings we offer customized turnkey solutions incorporating industry leading hardware and software from our IT vendor partners. Our dedicated professionals will work with you to plan, develop, implement and support a solution (including application hosting) tailored to satisfy your business requirements.

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Turnkey solutions

Your Health Coach in Your Pocket

24alife Personal is a free smartphone application and web portal that facilitates a healthy lifestyle tailored to an individual’s unique needs and capabilities. Combined with the 24alife Corporate offering, businesses can easily design and implement innovative and easy to use employee health programs to improve employee well-being, work environment and morale.

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Leverage MBS’s industry experience and client commitment to meet your business goals.

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Our IT Partners

Our partners consist of the top IT hardware and software vendors across the world. As an experienced certified distributor and partner of these firms, we incorporate our own unique industry and IT expertise with their offerings to deliver top quality solutions to address your specific needs.

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